7th Turkish Films Week begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The gala of the event in capital Sarajevo opened with the screening of "The Last Letter" film, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory.

7th Turkish Films Week begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Turks living in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Bosnian nationals showed great interest in the event, held at the National Theatre Hall.

Culture and Tourism Office of Turkey's Sarajevo Embassy is organizing the Festival.

Cultural Attache of Turkish Embassy Soner Şahin said "We attached particular importance to the film selection process. The list contains both romantic films and historical films. We expect to attract a great interest from viewers."

The films include award-winning "Miracle", "The Butterfly's Dream", "Love Loves Coincidences" and "1453: The Conquest", and a number of other hit films of late. 

The audience will be able to enjoy the Festival and watch the films free of charge for a period of seven days.

Turkish films will also be shown in Zenitsa city after Sarajevo stage of the Festival is completed.