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Review of the Turkish Press 11.05.2014

Review of the Turkish Press 11.05.2014

Vatan says A400 M -the cargo plane of the future, of which Turkey is a production partner, will contribute 1,1 billion Euros to the economy until 2030.

Project Manager of the A400 M Cargo Plane Osman Soylu says 170 planes will be produced with an international consortium of Turkey, England, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and each unit will be sold for 125 million Euros. The paper also quotes Soylu as having said that all of the planes will be produced in stationary facilities in partner countries and that Turkey has 6% production share of the A400 M planes.

Star says work force insufficiency will be experienced between 2020-2030 at varying levels depending on work force efficiency and grand domestic product increase rates. According to the paper, especially in developed economies like Germany, Spain, Russia and Japan the contraction of work force  will accelerate and that it will present opportunities for countries with labor surplus, like Turkey. According to the "Upcoming Global Talent Crisis" report of The Boston Consulting Group, between 2020 and 2030 South Korea and China will see falls for the first time in labor supply.

Milliyet says Romania closed its airspace to Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Transdinyester Special Representative Dimitri Rogozin. The paper says a crisis emerged between Romania and Russia when Rogozin wanted to return to Moscow from Transdinyester capital Tiraspol, and Romania closed its airspace. 

Reportedly, on his twitter account Rogozin said "Romania did not let my plane through upon the will of the US government. So did Ukraine. Next time, I will fly on a Tupolev Tu-160 jet." 

Sabah says footprints of Neolithic Era were discovered during a dig for railways in Istanbul's Pendik district. 35 graves, hand axes, bone spoon, bone needle for knitting leather, ground stone, flintstones, obsidian sharp objects and Byzantine era pottery were found in the site.